Glenn Babb Biography


Glenn Babb biography: Glenn Babb is a former politician, diplomat and entrepreneur from South Africa born on 4th June, 1943.

Glenn Babb’s full name is Glenn Robin Ware Babb.

Glenn Babb studied at Stellenbosch University. He attained a law degree from the University of South Africa, with a distinction in Constitutional Law.

In 1969, Babb was assigned to the South African embassy in Paris where he served as secretary. During that period, he was made the Chairman of the Young Diplomats Association of Paris. In 1975, he returned to Paris and was made the embassy’s counsellor. In 1981, he returned to South Africa to become head of the Africa Desk at the Foreign Affairs Department. From 1985 to 1987, Glenn Babb served as an ambassador to Ottawa. In 1989, he entered politics as the ruling National Party’s candidate in the electoral district of Randburg. In 1991, he served as South Africa’s ambassador to Italy. He has served in several positions in South Africa’s government. In 2016, he was elected Chairman of the Muizenberg Historical Conservation Society.

Glenn Babb got married to Tracey Dibb in 2003.

Glenn Babb has been blessed with four children.


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