Justice Bart Katureebe Biography

Justice Bart Katureebe Biography

Justice Bart Katureebe is an Ugandan Judge and Laywer who served as a Chief Justice .

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Katureebe was born in the western district of Rubirizi, formerly Bushenyi.

Katureebe attended Namilyango College and Makerere University, where he obtained a bachelor of laws degree.

“I remember him as a very good student and someone who was reliable as a friend,” Kabatsi, who was a classmate of the CJ at law school.

After completing his legal studies in the 1970s, Katureebe worked as a state attorney in the ministry of justice. Kabatsi, who also worked in the same ministry, said Katureebe was very professional.

In 1983, he went into private practice until 1988 when he was appointed deputy minister in charge of regional cooperation. From 1991 to 1992, Katureebe served as deputy minister of industry and technology before he was appointed minister of state for health.

In 1994, Katureebe was elected to the Constituent Assembly (CA) representing Bunyaruguru county. Ben Wacha, a senior lawyer and former CA delegate, remembers Katureebe as an outstanding delegate.

Katureebe is married, with six children.


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