Aaron Baguma Biography

Aaron Baguma Biography

Aaron Baguma is an Ugandan police commander and the former Central Police Station Divisional Police Commander based in Kampala.

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The name Baguma in Runyankole refers to a tough person who “endures difficult circumstances in a stoic manner.”

Aaron Baguma hails from the western district of Kiruhura, joined police as a cadet in 2010, according to a former classmate. Having completed training at the Police Training School Kabalye in Masindi district, his first deployment was at Kampala CPS in 2012.

Having attained the rank of assistant superintendent of police (ASP) upon completing his training in 2012, Baguma served in only three positions before he was catapulted to command the busiest central police station in the country.

First, he served as officer-in-charge of CPS Kampala, then left for a four-month military training programme at Oliver Tambo School of Leadership at Kaweweta (an institution run by the UPDF) in April 2015, then returned briefly to his previous job.

In September 2015, Baguma was put in charge of CPS Kampala. Five months later, despite the murder charge hanging on his head, Baguma was promoted to Superintendent of Police. His promotion was one of those that raised eyebrows in the police, prompting the Inspector General of Government (IGG) to launch an investigation.


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