Aslay | Siaka Nasor Biography

Aslay Siaka Nasor Biography

Aslay a.k.a Siaka Nasor is a Tanzanian Bongo star and one of most prominent young artistes in Tanzania

Aslay | Siaka Nasor Biography, Career, Background.

Siaka Nasor is popularly known by his stage name Alsay.

Singer Aslay came into the limelight with his massive hit song back in 2012, dubbed Nakusema, which was one of the greatest tracks in East Africa.

Aslay is now the lead singer of famed Tanzania all boy group by the name, Yamoto Band, which is making strides in music and is known for smash hits like; Nitakupwelepeta, Basi, Niseme, Mama, Nisambazie Raha and many others.


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