Austin Roberts Biography


Austin Roberts biography: Austin Roberts was a zoologist from South Africa

Austin Roberts Age, Education, Career and Death

Austin Roberts was born on 3rd January, 1883 in Pretoria
Austin Roberts was awarded with an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Pretoria.

Austin Roberts worked at the Transvaal Museum from 1910 to 1946. He was the author of several articles and manuscripts in scientific publications.

The Austin Roberts Bird Sanctuary in Pretoria and the Pachydactylus robertsi, a species of lizard, is named in his honour.

Austin Roberts has worked on various publications including The Mammals of South Africa, Johannesburg 1951 and The Birds of South Africa. H.f.$G. Witherby Ltd., London, 1940. He also worked on Charles Kimberlin Brain: Austin Roberts. Cape Town 1998.

Austin Roberts died on 5th May, 1948 after being involved in a motor car accident in the Transkei region.


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