C-real biography


C-real biography: C-Real is a Ghanaian artiste, entertainer, poet and producer born on 16th July, 1984 in Hohoe, Ghana.

C-real studied at St. Peter’s Boys Senior Secondary School.

C-real is regarded as one of the leading hip-hop artists in Ghana. he was featured on “Next Up”, a song off Coptic’s mixtape The Rising Stars of Ghana Vol 1 in 2012. He has several albums and singles under his belt. Currently, he is the CEO of MixDown Studios and Pulse Communications. He is also the head of marketing at OG Farms.

C-real won the Ghanaian edition of the Channel O Sprite Emcee Africa talent show. He has been nominated for numerous awards including for Best Collaboration of the Year, Best Hip-hop Video and Best Photography Video.