Daddy Lumba Biography

Daddy Lumba Biography

Daddy Lumba biography: Daddy Lumba is a singer from Ghana but based in Germany.

Daddy Lumba Age, Career, Awards and Personal Life.

Daddy Lumba was born on 29th September, 1964 in Nsuta, Ashanti, Ghana.

Daddy Lumba’s birth name is Charles Kwadwo Fosuh.

Daddy Lumba became popular with the hit “Yereye Aka Akwantuo Mu”. He has established himself as on the popular singers of the Highlife genre. His albums include Asee Ho, Aben Wo Ha and Playboy.

In 1999, Daddy Lumba won Best Album, Artist of the Year and the Most Popular Song of the Year at the Ghana Music Awards. He has also received several nominations.

Daddy Lumba is married to Akosua Serwa.

Daddy Lumba has been blessed with three children.

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