Dj Khathu Biography


Dj Khathu Biography: Dj Khathu is a South African comedian, Hip Hop DJ, Radio Producer, Record Label Owner and Music Producer.

DJ Khathu’s real name Khathu Litshani.

“My videos began when I was promoting an event I was hosting. I uploaded a video inviting people to come party with me…The manner and accent in which I made the video was what got people talking, so from that first video people requested me to upload more videos, I gave in and from then on it has just been video after video and I’m loving it!

My videos helped open up a lot of doors for me within the South African entertainment industry. I got deals from big companies wanting me to represent their brands, wanting to work with me and they also helped with growing my DJ career, as I started getting more bookings and traveling more. I started getting noticed by a lot of people and brands.”

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