Dully Sykes Biography

Dully Sykes Biography

Dully Sykes biography: Dully Sykes is a musician from Tanzania, titled Tanzania’s founder of the bongo flava genre.

Dully Sykes Age, Career and Awards

Dully Sykes was born on 4th December, 1980 in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

Dully Sykes is also popularly known as Mr. Misifa or Mr. Chicks.

Dully Sykes is one of the pioneers of Swahili Dancehall in the African Great Lakes region. Some of his songs are based on true events. After a couple of albums, he was able to prove that he could mix different music styles without changing his unique African voice.

Sykes has always created controversy with his lyrical content and music videos. He has also been on the spotlight severally for how he carries himself out in the public.

Dully Sykes has won several awards including the 2011 Tanzania Music Awards for Best Video and Best Ragga/Dancehall Song and also the 2012 Tanzania Music Awards for best Ragga/Dancehall Song.


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