Grace Omaboe Biography

Grace Omaboe Biography

Grace Omaboe biography: Grace Omaboe is a Television personality and author from Ghana.

Grace Omaboe Age, Career and Personal Life.

Grace Omaboe was born on June, 1946.

Grace Omaboe is popularly known as ‘Maame Dokono’.

Grace Omaboe first started acting by playing a role in the Keteke TV series on GBC TV. She became more popular when she starred in Obra, an Akan series. She also starred in the 2013 short Kwaku Ananse and the Children of the Mountain (2016). Omaboe stood as parliamentary candidate for the National Democratic Congress in New Abirim for Birim North Constituency in the Eastern Region in 2000 and 2004. She defected to the New Patriotic Party in 2008. She was elected to be President of the 2017 Golden Movie Awards Africa jury.

Grace Omaboe has been blessed with six children.

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