Gus Casely-Hayford biography


Gus Casely-Hayford biography: Gus Casely-Hayford is a Ghanaian British curator and cultural historian.

Casely-Hayford Name, Education and Career.

Casely-Hayford’s birth name is Augustus Lavinus Casely-Hayford.

Casely-Hayford attained a PhD in African History from the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University.

Casely-Hayford is the Director of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art in Washington DC from February, 2018. He has been commissioned to present a second TV series of Tate Walks for Sky Arts in 2017. He has presented several programme series including Lost Kingdoms of Africa. He wrote the book Lost Kingdoms of Africa 2012. He hosted The Culture Show for BBC 2 in 2012. He has written a Ladybird/Penguin book on Timbuktu to be published in 2018.