Helen Yawson Biography


Helen Yawson biography: Helen Yawson is a contemporary gospel singer, songwriter and pastor from Ghana born on 3rd July, 1967 in London.

Helen Yawson’s birth name is Helen Osagiede Obadabonyi.

Helen Yawson gained interest in music at an early age. She joined the young Matthew Ashimolowo’s Christian Ministry in 1986. She joined the Kingsway Foursquare Church Band in 1989. Currently, she is the Head of the Music and Creative Division and heads the KICC Winning Women Ministries. Her albums include Anyday(2006), Forever Grateful(2011), My God and I(2012) and JUST HYMNS(2014).

Helen Yawson is married to Andrew Yawson.

Helen Yawson has been blessed with two daughters.


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