Hugh Masekela Biography

Hugh Masekela Biography

Hugh Masekela Biography: Hugh Masekela was a South African singer, composer, trumpeter, cornetist and flugelhornist. He has been entitled “the father of South African Jazz.

Hugh Masekela Biography, Age, Life, Family, Career, Background.

Masekela was born on 4th April 1939 in Witbank, South Africa.

Masekela died on 23rd January, 2018 at the age of 78 after giving in to prostate cancer.

Masekela was married to singer and activist Miriam Makeba from 1964 to 1966. He was later married to Chris Calloway who was Cab Calloway’s daughter, Jabu Mbatha and Elinam Cofie. He was the father of Sal Masekela, an American television host.

Masekela began singing and playing the piano as a child. He was part of the Huddleston Jazz Band, South Africa’s first youth orchestra. .” He was known for his artistry in jazz compositions and writing popular anti-apartheid songs such as Soweto Blues. His version of “Grazing in the Grass” was also a number 1 in US pop hit in 1968.

Masekela was involved in a number of initiatives that were meant to improve the status of his society, and once served as the director of The Lunchbox Fund, a non-profit organization that targeted students in township schools in Soweto.

Masekela was nominated for a Grammy Award three times. His most recent award was the 2016 MTV Africa Music Awards: Legend Award.

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