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Ingrid Turinawe is an Ugandan female politician who serves as the Chairperson of the Women’s League in the main opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) political party.

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Ingrid Turinawe was born on 23rd November 1973 in Kashojwa Village, Rugyeyo sub-county, in present-day Kanungu District.

Ingrid’s full name is Ingrid Kamateneti Turinawe. Turinawe is not Ingrid’s birth name. Her real surname is Kamateneti. Turinawe is her husband’s name, which she took on while getting married in her Senior Six Vacation. Ingrid was named Kamateneti because she was the first child to be born at the maternity ward of Kabunga hospital in Kanungu district when it was opened.

Ingrid Turinawe is daughter to Jane Bakesiga and Stanley Bakwatilenda (died 1982).

Ingrid was the fourth-born of her mother’s nine children, five boys and four girls.

Ingrid Turinawe attended “Rugyeyo Primary School” for he elementary schooling and she studied at “Kinyasano Girls High School” for both her O-Level and A-Level education. Later, she obtained a Diploma in Education from the National Teachers’ College, Kabale, in Kabale town. Still later, she graduated from Nkumba University with a Bachelor of Public Administration and Management degree.

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Ingrid Turinawe and her estranged husband Jackson Turinawe are the parents of five children, three girls and two boys.


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