J. W. B. Gunning Biography


J. W. B. Gunning biography: Jan Willem Boudewijn Gunning was a physician from Netherlands.

J. W. B. Gunning Age, Education, Career, Personal Life and Death

Gunning was born on 3rd September, 1860 in Hilversum, Netherlands.

Gunning pursued medicine from the University of Amsterdam, Leiden University and Jena University and qualified as a doctor.

Gunning began his practice as a doctor in the Orange Free State. After marrying Susanna Neethling, he moved to Cape Colony and was later appointed as the first director of the Staatsmuseum in Pretoria until he passed away. He contributed to the founding of the National Zoo in Pretoria in 1899.

Gunning got married to Susanna Neethling on 10th November, 1884 until her death, when he remarried Ellen Elizabeth Dobbin.

Gunning died on 26th June, 1913 in Pretoria.


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