Jamil Mukulu Biography

Jamil Mukulu biography

Jamil Mukulu is the Leader of the DR Congo-based Ugandan Islamic rebel group, Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

Jamil Mukulu Biography, Profile, Rebel, Background, images.

Jamil Mukulu was born on 17th April 1964 in Ntoke Village, Kayunga District, Mukulu.

Jamil Mukulu is son to Lutakome Sserwada and Aisha Nakiyemba.

Jamil Mukulu has a diploma in Business management from Nairobi and certificate in Arabic, from Saudi Arabia.

Jamil Mukulu was a Christian cleric before converting to Islam.

With a formidable background in Islamic theology gained in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Sudan, he consolidated himself as a strong and radical figure in the Muslim community in 1991, says Hussein Lutwaama, a friend and ADF defector.

“He came back from Saudi Arabia a more devoted Muslim and ready to die for Islam. He talked about defending Islam all the time,” says Lutwaama.

Following disagreements between Uganda Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC) and the Tabliq Sect to which Mukulu belonged, he felt government was favouring the rival group and unfairly interfering in the affairs of Muslims.
In 1991, the Tabliqs attacked UMSC headquarters in Old Kampala and killed a number of people including policemen and police dogs, an attack that forced government to use force against the attackers.
The then commander of Military Police, Maj James Kazini (RIP), commanded an operation, and a good number of Tabliqs, including Jamil Mukulu, were arrested.

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