Joseph Mbilinyi Biography

Joseph Mbilinyi Biography

Joseph Mbilinyi biography: Joseph Mbilinyi is a Tanzanian politician and musician, and one of the founders of the hip hop music genre in Tanzania and an elected Member of Parliament in Tanzania.

Joseph Mbilinyi Age, Career and Politics

Joseph Mbilinyi was born on 1st May, 1972 in Tanzania.

Joseph Mbilinyi is also known by his stage names Mr.II, Sugu and 2-proud.

Joseph Mbilinyi began rapping in 1990 and was the first Tanzanian rap artist to become really successful in his music. His music highlights major issues facing many people in Tanzania. He is the main organizer of the annual Tanzania Hip-Hop Summit which brings together prominent and upcoming music stakeholders from the African Great Lakes region.

Joseph Mbilinyi won the M-Net Best Male Artist in the Grammy Awards, Tanzania in 2001. He has also been nominated a number of times.

Joseph Mbilinyi won the Mbeya Urban constituency parliamentary seat for CHADEMA in the 2010 Tanzanian general elections.

Joseph Mbilinyi was married to Faiza Ally but they later divorced.

#Political Party
Joseph Mbilinyi is a supporter of CHADEMA Political Party in Tanzania.

Joseph Mbilinyi is Tanzanian


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