Juma Akukweti Biography

Juma Akukweti Biography

Juma Akukweti Biography: Juma Jamaldin Akukweti was a Member of Parliament in Tanzania’s National Assembly. Until his death, he represented Tunduru District.

Juma Akukweti Age, Education, Career and Background.

Juma Akukweti was born on 20th September, 1947.

Juma Akukweti studied at Songea Secondary School then completed his A-level education at Tabora High School. He pursued Education at the University of Dar Es Salaam and received a diploma in Social Management from ESAMI in Arusha.

Akukweti worked as an administrative manager at the Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute and in 1989, he moved to Morogoro Oil Processing Company where he was the coordinator and administrative manager prior being elected to Parliament. He represented Tunduru District in Parliament until his death.

Juma Akukweti is Tanzanian.

Juma Akukweti died on 4th of December, 2006 after succumbing to injuries he had sustained in a plane crash he had been involved in a few days ealier.


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