Khaled Hadj Ibrahim Biography

Khaled Hadj Ibrahim Biography

Khaled Hadj Ibrahim biography: Khaled is an Algerian musician, songwriter and singer who has become the most internationally famous singer from Algeria in many continents, such as in the Arabic nations. His recognition has earned him the title “King of Rai”.

Khaled Hadj Ibrahim Biography, age, career, background.

Khaled was born on 29th February 1960 in Oran Algeria.

Khaled was a founder of the Cinq Etoiles band and starting performing at the young age of 14 under the name Cheb Khaled. In the 1980’s, he started producing and later moved to France in 1986.

Khaled married Samira Diabi in 1995 with whom he has four daughters and one son.

Khaled’s first award was The first prize of rai and has won many more awards after that all throughout his music career, his most recent being the XLII Universal Music Award for best song in 2016.


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