Miriam Green Biography


Miriam Green biography: Miriam Green is a theorist from South Africa/Britain.

Miriam Green Age, Education and Career

Miriam Green was born in 1950.

Miriam Green pursued a BA in History at the University of Cape Town and a MA in African Area Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London. She also pursued a Certificate in Education at Garnett College.

Miriam Green began her career at a Publishing company. In 1980, she became senior lecturer in Organisation Studies, Sociology and Management at the London Metropolitan University. In 2008, she became an Internal Associate Member of the Working Lives Research Institute based in London Metropolitan University. She is an academic reviewer for Social Responsibility and Philosophy of Management.

Some of Miriam Green’s publications include The Salisbury Bus Boycott, 1956 published in 1983 and The role of learning styles in integrating and empowering learners published in 2003.


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