Monica Geingos Biography


Monica Geingos biography: Monica Geingos is the First Lady of Namibia born in 1976.

Monica Geingos’s birth name Monica Kalondo.

Monica Geingos holds two legal degrees B. Juris and LLB. She studied at the University of Namibia.

Monica Gengos is an entrepreneur and lawyer. She has chaired the Presidential Economic Advisory Council. She spent the early part of her career working for the Namibia Stock Exchange in Windhoek. She served as Chairman of the Board of eBank Namibia and is the managing director of the financial undertaking Stimulus. In 2012, she was voted one of the 12 most influential people of Namibia.

#First Lady
Monica Gengos became the first lady of Namibia in 21st March, 2015.

#Political Party
Monica Gengos is a member of SWAPO political party.

Monica Geingos got married to Hage Geingob, the current President of Namibia, in 2015.

Monica Geingos has been blessed with three children.

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