Nii Odartei Evans Biography

Nii Odartei Evans Biography

Nii Odartei Evans biography: Nii Odartei Evans is a Ghanaian actor, writer and voice over artist famously known for his work as a BBC Announcer born on 4th June, 1980.

Nii Odartei Evans studied at the University of Bedfordshire, pursuing Software Engineering.

Nii Evans first acted on stage in 2003 in a remake of George C Wolfe’s The Coloured Museum. He joined Identity Drama School in 2009. He started his voiceover career in 2007 at BBC and by 2008 he has become the Station Sound. In 2014, he produced a plot written by Yonah Odoom and Moshana Khan, entitled YOMO (You Only Marry Once). His voice credits are varied and include brands such as Channel 4 and Lebara mobile as well as voicing for animation.

Nii Odartei Evans is married to a woman with whom he co-founded “Love YaaYaa”.

Nii Odartei is blessed with two children.


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