Nixon Agasirwe Biography

Nixon Agasirwe Biography

Nixon Agasirwe is an Ugandan Senior Superintendent of Police.

Nixon Agasirwe Biography, Career, Police, Profile, Background.

Nixon Agasirwe born in Rwentuha, Sheema District

Nixon’s full name is Nixon Agasirwe Karuhanga.

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Agasiirwe was once a highway robber who was arrested by Colonel Kayanja’s Operation Wembley that operated in the early 2000s before being disbanded and replaced by the Violent Crime Crack Unit.

It is said that after being arrested, Agasiirwe cooperated well with the operatives before giving them vital information about other robber cells not long before he was turned into an informer.

Agasiirwe gave vital information that led to arrest of many robbers prompting the Inspector General of Police, Gen.Kale Kayihura to promote him to the rank of Inspector of Police(IP).

He was later promoted to the rank of Assistant Inspector of Police and appointed commander of the Rapid Response Unit from where he was sent to Sudan as the police attache where he spent between two and three years.

On return, Agasiirwe was appointed the police Special Operations Commander and later promoted to the rank of Senior Superintendent of Police.


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