Oliver Mtukudzi Biography

Oliver Mtukudzi Biography

Oliver Mtukudzi biography: Oliver Mtukudzi is a musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist from Zimbabwe.

Oliver Mtukudzi Age, Career, Awards and Personal Life.

Oliver Mtukudzi was born on 22nd September, 1952 in Highfield, Zimbabwe.

Oliver Mtukudzi has come to be known as Zimbabwe’s most renowned and internationally recognized cultural figure of all time. He began performing in 1977 as part of the Wagon Wheels. He sings in Shona language along with Ndebele and English and his style of music has come to be known as Tuku Music. He has done worldwide tours and performed for many large audiences across the world.

Oliver Mtukudzi has won several awards including KORA Award for Best African male artist and Lifetime Achievement Award in August 2003. He also won the Reel Award Winner for Best African Language in 2003. He has won several NAMA Awards too. He was awarded with an honorary degree from the University of Zimbabwe in December 2003.

Oliver Mtukudzi was married to Melody Murape until 1993. He is currently married to Daisy Mtukudzi.

Oliver Mtukudzi has been blessed with five children.


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