Reggie Tsiboe Biography

Reggie Tsiboe Biography

Reggie Tsiboe biography: Reggie Tsiboe is an entertainer from Ghana.

Reggie Tsiboe Age and Career.

Reggie Tsiboe was born on 7th September, 1950 in Kumasi, Ghana.

Reggie Tsiboe is one of the former lead singers of Boney M, a disco group between 1982 and 1990. The band released several songs including Eye Dance and Ten Thousand Lightyears. He sang the main vocals in a number of songs including Happy Song and Dreadlock September 2006, Reggie and the two other lead singers of Boney M were special guests in London at the premiere of the musical Daddy Cool. He had previously been a movie star in Ghana, gaining popularity with the film Love Brewed in an African Pot, before joining the group. He is currently an actor, residing in Marlborough, England.


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