Saida Karoli Biography

Saida Karoli Biography

Saida Karoli biography: Saida Karoli is a singer and performer from Tanzania.

Saida Karoli Age, Career, Nominations and Personal Life

Saida Karoli was born on 4th April, 1976 in Rwongwe, Tanzania.
After the success of her song “Maria Salome” in Uganda, she became popularly known as Wanchekecha. She mainly sings in her native language, Haya but also incorporates English and Swahili languages. She is managed by the Chief Executive Officer of FM Productions LTO, Felician Mutta.

Saida Karole has been nominated several times. She has been nominated for a couple of honours at the Kora All-African Music Awards. In 2005, her album “Harusi” was nominated in the Best Folk Album category at the Tanzania Music Awards and at the 2006 Tanzania Music Awards, she was nominated for the Best Female Vocalist category.

Saida Karoli’s husband died as a result of suffocation while working inside a gold mine shaft.

Saida Karoli has five children named Amina, Fidhuri, Joswam, Happy and Fadhila.


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