Salif Keita Biography

Salif Keita Biography

Salif Keita biography: Salif Keita is an afro-pop singer and songwriter from Djoliba, Mali. He is well known not only because of his golden voice but also because he has albinism.

Salif Keita Biography, age, career, family, background.

Salif Keita was born on August 25th, 1949 in the village of Djoliba.

Salif Keita was disowned by his family and community because of albinism, which was a sign of bad luck in the Mandinka culture. At the age of 18, Salif moved to Bamako to join a government sponsored programme.

Salif Keita is the father of Nantenin Keita, a Paralympian athlete.

Salif gained interest in music in his early age. In 1984, Salif moved to Paris, Europe where he later found success as one of the African stars of world music but returned to Mali to live and record. Salif Keita built a music studio in Bamako where he did his album M’Bemba, released in 2005. In 2009, his album La Difference was produced dedicated to the struggle of the albino community.

In 1977, Keita received a National Order award from the Guinea president. Apart from that he won a musical award, the Best World Music 2010 at the Victoires de la musique.

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