Sika Bella Kabore Biography


Sika Bella Kabore biography: Sika Bella Kabore is the First Lady of Burkina Faso born 20th October, 1958 in Lome.

Sika Bella Kabore’s birth name is Adjoavi Sika Vovor.

Sika Bella Kabore studied in Togo and France. She obtained a Master of Private Law at the University of Benin in Lome, currently known as the University of Lome. She obtained a degree from the University of Burgundy and a Certificate in Business Administration from the IAE of Dijon.

Sika Bella Kabore is a lawyer by profession. She is the founder and president of KMI foundation. She works with the Burkina Faso Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Ouagadougou where she is the legal studies officer and sits on its Management Committee.

Sika Bella Kabore is married to Roch Marc Christian Kabore since 1982.

Sika Bella Kabore, together with the husband, have been blessed with three children.