William Shija Biography

William Shija Biography

William Shija biography: William Shija was a political figure in Tanzania.

William Shija Age, Education, Politics, Family and Death.

William Shija was born on 28th April, 1947 in Tanganyika, Tanzania.

William Shija pursued a Ph.D. from Howard University, Washington D.C and received MA in Mass Communication. He also studied for a BA Diploma in Journalism, New Delhi and Diploma in Education from Chang’ombe Education College, Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.

William Shija was a member of the National Assembly of Tanzania while still serving in the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, where he was the first African Secretary-General.

William Shija was married to Gertuda Peter Shija.

William Shija was blessed with five children.

William Shija died on 4th October, 2014 in London and was buried in Sengerema District, Mwanza Region which is his home village.


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